Specialists who hearten infertile couples

During the establishment and development of Hong Ngoc IVF Center, our specialists have witnessed numerous sweet moments. They are the moment when, in the modern laboratory, sperm is successfully injected into the egg, creating embryo, the moments of watching the embryos develop during cultivation period, and the moment when the infertile couples are hearten by the miracle brought by science.

Infertility treatment requires perseverance and great effort as not many couples could success right at the first time of treatment. The success rate mainly depends on the techniques instructed and the expertise of fertility specialist.

The specialist’s knowledge and skills play an important role in increasing the success rate of assisted reproductive technique.

Hong Ngoc IVF Center is one of the prime address which is home to leaders in infertility treatment. The center always pioneers in applying most advanced techniques and methods, providing patients with the most suitable customized treatment plan. For patients who have experienced numerous failed IVF cycles and related treatment, Hong Ngoc IVF Center’s team of specialists promise to bring them the most hopeful results.

“Our objective is to constantly enhance our capacity”

Dr. Ivan Reich has been popular with numerous infertile couples. His expertise and experience are widely recognized by various experts, which becomes the “brand” ensuring the high success rate of treatment. Dr. Ivan Reich has travelled to several countries in the world, co-founding prestigious IVF centers which realize the “parent-dream” of many couples. Working as the Director of Hong Ngoc IVF Center, he has lighted up the hope of dozens of infertile couples in Vietnam.

Dr. Ivan Reich and associates are “incubators” bringing happiness to thousands of infertile couples in different countries around the world.

Dr. Ivan Reich was one of the first people in Czech Republic to be certified in endoscopic surgery and ultrasound diagnostics of Charles University in Prague.  He was trained and certified in IVF procedures in Hezliya Medical Center and Sheba Medical Center, Israel. He was also founder and director of several IVF Centers, particularly ISCARE IVF – the first and largest Israeli owned center of assisted reproduction in Prague, the Czech Republic.

His in-depth knowledge and skills allows Dr. Ivan Reich to well perform interventional procedures under the ultrasound guidance such as amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Sampling, and more. With 40 years of experience, he has assisted thousands of women who have medical history of repeated miscarriage, early miscarriage, stillbirth and IVF treatment.

Dr. Ivan Reich hopes that with two new advanced methods that he directly instructs at Hong Ngoc IVF Center would increase the success rate of assisted reproductive cases.

Worked as Head of Gynecology Obstetrics Department of Charles University, Dr. Ivan Reich expects “I bring to Hong Ngoc IVF Center the world’s two most advanced reproductive techniques which have been available in Vietnam. They are Laser Assisted Immotile Sperm Selection (LAISS) and Sperm selection based on genetic signal with MACS system.

In LAISS, laser shots allow specialists to select viable sperm without affecting genetic materials. This new technique has been proven to significantly improve fertilization rate in cases of azoospermia.

The MACS Annexin V can filter sperm carrying DNA defects that normal techniques cannot detect. This is an effective method to select genetically qualified sperm, contributing to increase the success rate of IVF cycles.

Our objective is to constantly enhance our capacity. All steps must be good to enhance the success of treatment.

“The happiest moments are when I see embryos properly develop in the incubator”

Most doctors and specialists working at Hong Ngoc IVF Center have been intensively trained in the Czech Republic for 2-3 years under the guidance of Dr. Ivan Reich. Among them, Embryologist Vu Dinh Chat – Head of Lab IVF Hong Ngoc has been long-term trained in the Czech Republic, gaining ESHRE certification for embryologists. He also has 4 years of experience working at IVF Lab of Bach Mai Hospital.

Embryologist Vu Dinh Chat is committed to ensure the best quality for embryos cultivated in the Lab of Hong Ngoc IVF Center.

“The advanced Lab for embryo cultivation and preservation as well as the European-standard technique room covered by antibacterial glass allows me to apply what I have studied, enhancing my capacity. When performing high-tech techniques in the lab’s sterile environment offered by the air controlling system that monitors CO2, O2, humidity and temperature, I always feel peace of mind and believe that I would provide patients with the best embryos, increasing the success rate of each case.

The happiest moments are when I successfully conduct techniques such as egg retrieval and embryo transfer and when I watch the embryos properly develop in incubator” shared Mr. Vu Dinh Chat.

“We hope that at Hong Ngoc IVF Center, there is no infertile couple, they are just “waiting” for their baby.”

Dr. Pham Thuy Duong and Dr. Nguyen Binh Duong – the two specialists trained in infertility in the Czech Republic share that the most common causes of female infertility include Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, endometriosis and gynecologic infections. To men, the causes mainly related to male diseases, genetic diseases, quality of sperm, working environment and lifestyle.

All procedures are performed by Hong Ngoc IVF Center in the modern minor surgery room strictly following European standards.

All procedures are performed by Hong Ngoc IVF Center in the modern minor surgery room strictly following European standards.

“An array of couples receive the result of unexplained infertility after comprehensive examination and diagnosis. With the most advanced assisted reproductive techniques, we are attempting to figure out the root causes, helping patients to go further in the journey of finding baby.

We hope that at Hong Ngoc IVF Center, there is no infertile couple, they are just “waiting” for their baby. As long as they are consistent enough to follow medical instruction and keep hope for their new family member, science will surely create miracles.”

With the effort and dedication of Dr. Ivan Reich and his associates, Hong Ngoc IVF Center will surely become “the place to trust” and the “miracle incubator” bringing beloved angels to infertile couples.

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