Fertility Specialists

In addition to the provision of advanced assisted reproductive techniques, the professional team of Vietnamese and international specialists with high level of expertise and years of experience is a key factor making Hong Ngoc IVF Center a leading assisted reproductive unit in Vietnam.  Their knowledge, excellent skills and numerous years of experience working in Vietnam and other countries are highly appreciated. 

Dr. Ivan Reich – Director of Hong Ngoc IVF Center had received intensive training in IVF field at Hezliya Hospital, Republic of Israel. During his time studying and working in assisted reproductive field, he has co-founded and directed several IVF centers in the world, especially ISCARE IVF – the first Israeli owned center of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic. His expertise and 40 years of experience allow him to successfully provide treatment for thousands of pregnant women with a history of difficult pregnancies, early miscarriage, stillbirth, IVF pregnancy …

Embryologist Vu Dinh Chat – Head of Laboratory Department has participated in long-term training courses in the Czech Republic, gaining the ESHRE certification for embryologists. He also has 4 years of experience working at IVF lab of Bach Mai Hospital.

Dr. Pham Thi Thuy Duong and Dr. Nguyen Binh Duong are also the experts trained in the Czech Republic. They have worked and studied under the guidance of Dr. Ivan Reich in 3 to 5 years. Dr. Doan Ngoc Minh and Dr. Nguyen Hong Hanh share their strengths in dealing with obstetrics and gynecological problems. The knowledge and skills, as well as experience help them to masters techniques and procedures related to infertility treatment, from simple and common methods to the advanced techniques which have not been widely applied in Vietnam such as sperm selection using laser system and sperm selection based on genetic signals.

In infertility treatment, psychological factors are extremely important. Understanding this fact, our specialists attempt to provide patients the most comfortable space and time here. Patients who come to us will have peace of mind and hope through our professional working manner and sincere advices. The patient will completely feel safe during the process of examination, diagnosis and treatment. All together make success in infertility treatment, from simple to complex cases at our center.

To meet the high demand of Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s leaders, Hong Ngoc IVF Center always enhances our specialists’ capacity by sending them to training courses in Vietnam and other countries as well as inviting international experts to transfer knowledge and new techniques.

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