Food & Beverage

Located on the 14th floor of Hong Ngoc General Hospital, Hong Ngoc IVF Center allows patients to enjoy all services, including food and beverage offered by the hospital’s luxurious restaurant. Here, patients are not only cared about health status and treatment but served as diners with healthy diets of nutritious and safe food and drinks.

Opening from 7am to 10pm daily, Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s restaurant would serve about 150 customers. The spacious restaurant is designed in a modern style with well-arranged interior. Here, customers and patient would relax in a tranquil space adorned by green plants and sophisticated lights. 

One of the top priorities of Hong Ngoc’s restaurant follows is food hygiene and safety. Therefore, all ingredients and materials are provided and carefully selected by reliable suppliers with a strict control of origin. The areas for cooking and food storage are always kept clean and hygienic, meeting all standards of the high class restaurants.

Customers are invited to choose among an array of delicious dishes in Asian-European buffet menus served with healthy drinks, sweeties, ice-cream, and home-made yogurt. All are prepared by the skillful and experienced chefs, giving them a unique taste.

The quality of dishes is also carefully checked and monitored by specialists of the hospital’s nutrition department.  

Moreover, the hospital’s dieticians and IVF specialists will advise patient on special diet which is most suitable for their infertility treatment, ensuring their good health status during the journey. For in-patient customers, the restaurant also serves complementary meals for patients and provides them with special dishes upon request or doctor’s instruction. For children and adult patients who need special treatment or dietary conditions related to religious, the restaurant will coordinate with doctor to satisfy their special requirements.

Last but not least, well trained and professional staff of the restaurant will surely offer you the best services with great care!