30% discount on labor cost for entire IVF procedure

To assist infertile couples, Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s IVF Center is offering a discount of 30% on labor cost during an IVF procedure for couples who register from 1st October to 31st December 2018.

The factors that determine the success of an IVF cycle

The sooner treatment is applied, the higher success rate is

The quality of egg and sperm plays a decisive role in conception. These two factors depend much on the couple’s age and health situation. Therefore, if you are unable to conceive after a year of regular, unprotected intercourse, you should see a doctor to determine the causes, situation, and appropriate treatment methods as soon as possible.

Apart from couples who have not experienced any intervention, numerous patients have been suffered from long-term infertility treatment that leads to health decline. In these cases, it is crucial to quickly recover and enhance their reproductive health to avoid further aggravation and “give up” attitude.

Personalized IVF treatment plan

A typical IVF procedure consists of 5 basic steps. However, for different infertility causes and conditions, different treatment protocol should be considered.

The specialist must be highly qualified and experienced to understand, accurately access each case and determine the most appropriate plan for individual couples. Personalized treatment plan helps patients to save much time and money as well as reduce the impact on their health.

Standardized laboratory and skillful technicians

Fertilization and embryo cultivation process require an environment meeting all strict standards of sterility, temperature, humidity, etc. The quality of air must always be absolutely equivalent to the environment in the woman’ uterus. Modern equipment should be constantly invested and updated. In addition, technicians need to be trained in air quality control techniques and other daily operations and procedures to ensure the best environment for the embryos.

Hong Ngoc IVF Center – an ideal choice for infertility treatment

Have been fully invested with the world’s latest modern equipment and facilities, Hong Ngoc IVF Center is one of few Vietnam-based reproductive centers bringing together all necessary human and technical factors for infertility treatment.

Highly qualified and experienced team of specialists

Dr. Ivan Reich has been popular with numerous infertile couples in Vietnam and other countries. He is one of the leaders in the field with more than 35 years of experience. Dr. Reich was the former and director of ISCARE IVF Prague, the first Israeli owned center of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic. He also co-founded Bach Mai Hospital’s Assisted Reproductive Center.

In addition, Hong Ngoc IVF Center brings together a team of specialist who have been trained in Czech Republic and worked under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Reich for 3 to 5 years. After years of studying and working both in Vietnam and other countries, they have mastered all techniques and methods from endocrine treatment, endoscopic surgery, endometrial treatment and surgery, to ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and embryo transfer, especially in complex cases with high risk of miscarriage.

Laboratory and treatment rooms meeting European standards of quality

Hong Ngoc IVF Center’s laboratory has been synchronously invested. The air control system ensuring high sterilization, together with other devices that control temperature, humidity, CO2, O2, and more, creates optimal environment for embryo cultivation. The lab and minor surgery rooms are covered by antibacterial glass eliminating 99% of bacteria. This is the brand new technology to be applied in Vietnam.

Facilities are all imported from Europe, helping to increase the success rate. Some equipment at Hong Ngoc IVF Center such as multi-room embryo incubator with camera that continuously taking photos has not been popular in Vietnam. Some advanced techniques which used to require patients to travel aboard for treatment, now can be conducted right at Hong Ngoc IVF Center, helping patients to save significant costs.

Provision of advanced assisted reproductive techniques which have not been performed in Vietnam

Hong Ngoc IVF Center is the leader in applying the world’s latest assisted reproductive techniques in Vietnam. Among them, LAISS and MASC are the most highlighted.

While in LAISS specialists can use laser shots to select immotile yet viable sperm, MACS allows them to discard sperm that carry genetic disorders or defects that couldn’t be detected by other popular methods.

These are the world’s latest sperm selection techniques, helping specialists to choose the best sperm, thereby increasing the success rate.

Reasonable treatment costs

Generally, there is a basic infertility treatment plan that could be applied for numerous couples. However, at Hong Ngoc IVF Center, personalized treatment plan is always a priority. Specialist will determine the most appropriate methods and techniques for each case. If the situation is complex for example couples have low quality egg or sperm, patients with PCOS and so on, customized ovarian stimulation protocol, and egg retrieval with more steps, or special embryo cultivation media would be applied. If sperm and egg are good enough, some steps would be reduced.

Therefore, couples will have a treatment plan designed for their case and most suitable with their situation. To offer that, specialists must clearly understand each couple and be experienced enough to provide the best option, helping patients to save money, time and effort.

Especially, from 1st October to 31st December 2018, Hong Ngoc IVF Center is offering a discount of 30% on labor cost for an entire IVF procedure, including all 5 steps, exclusive medications and consumables. With this special offer, patients would save a significant amount of money during their treatment at guaranteed quality. The discount is applied from the initial examination until all their embryos are transferred.

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