Pharmacy & Medical Materials

Consulted by Dr. Ivan Reich – co-founder ISCARE I.V.F Inc which is the first Israeli owned center of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic and founder of numerous assisted reproduction centers in Europe, Hong Ngoc IVF Center has heavily invested in all resources, offering patients with the best medications as well as the most medical facilities. The center is equipped with an IVF specializing software which is widely used in Europe and many leading countries in the field. Medical systems and materials are designed, set up and operated under the instruction and guidance of Dr. Ivan Reich. All of them are completely new and branded equipment, ensuring effective performance and high accuracy.

In particular, culturing embryos in vitro has been considered one of the miracles of modern medicine. It is significant to ensure that the embryos are not be affected or damaged by harmful bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more. Therefore, Hong Ngoc IVF Center has designed and set up a hyper-clean laboratory system. The labs are covered by antibacterial glass inside which the antimicrobial action of silver ions eliminates all bacteria, greatly contributing to the success of IVF cases. Sophisticated techniques of fertilization, embryo culture, and freezing take place in these hyper-clean labs of Hong Ngoc IVF Center, minimizing the risks and helping the embryos to successfully develop.

The origin, quantity and quality of medications at Hong Ngoc IVF Center are strictly monitored and regularly checked according to regulations and standards of Ministry of Health as well as the prestigious medical organizations in the world to offer the highest quality of treatment. The medical materials and systems are maintained on a regular basis and are always ready to serve our customers.