One year of free examination for IVF and IUI babies at Hong Ngoc IVF Center

For infertile couples, the happiest moment would be the time when their babies are safely born after their long journey of waiting, attempting and hoping. To fulfill this happiness, Hong Ngoc General Hospital is offering a special gift to them: Each baby born through IUI and IVF at Hong Ngoc General Hospital with the hospital’s pregnancy or delivery package will receive one year of free examination.

Hundreds babies were born through IUI and IVF at Hong Ngoc

Being parents is always considered a great blessing that we would have in life. However, not all people could easily have a baby. Some even spend a half of their lifetime to seek for a chance of growing family.

Hong Ngoc IVF Center has helped hundreds of infertile couples enjoy the happiness of having babies.

At Hong Ngoc IVF Center, each couple have their own story. The stories always come with difficult situations, emotion and desire for a baby. And realizing their dreams is also the motivation for our specialists to continuously make efforts. Hundreds of complex cases such as repeated IVF failure, serious polycystic ovary, fallopian tube occlusion, vas occlusion, abnormal sperm, and so on have been successfully treated by Hong Ngoc IVF Center’s specialists. This also means hundreds of babies through IVF or IUI were born here.

The bright eyes and happy smiles of infertile couples when welcoming their babies to the world as a miracle have motivated Hong Ngoc IVF Center’s team to attempt more and more, making the center an “incubator” of happiness for families across Vietnam.

Special thank-you gift from Hong Ngoc General Hospital

The journey of conceiving is difficult and so is the time of pregnancy and caring a baby. Not all parents could have enough knowledge and skills to ensure the best development of their infrants. To share this burden with them, Hong Ngoc General Hospital is offering a special gift: Each baby through IVF or IUI treatment at Hong Ngoc IVF Center will receive one year of free examination at Hong Ngoc General Hospital if he or she were born using the hospital’s pregnancy or delivery package. This is a meaningful gift that the hospital want to give to IUI and IVF babies of Hong Ngoc IVF Center and also a sincere thanks to couples who trust and choose assisted reproductive services of Hong Ngoc IVF Center.

Pregnancy will be safer and more comfortable with the support of our dedicated doctors

Hong Ngoc IVF Center is working closely with Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Department of Pediatrics to create a closed comprehensive health care process for patients. Thanks to this, patients will receive great care at every step of treatment, from examination to define infertility causes and consultation to device appropriate treatment plan to pregnancy monitoring and delivery. The pregnancy and delivery packages of Hong Ngoc General Hospital will wipe out all weariness of IVF parents as fertility specialists and obstetricians will always properly support them. For sure, pregnancy will be safer and more comfortable than ever.

The free examination package in the first year will allow your baby to receive unlimited times of examination in various departments such as Pediatric Internal Medicine, Pediatric General Surgery, ENT, Oral, Maxillofacial, and Dental, Dermatology, Ophthalmology.(**) All examination will be conducted by experienced and highly-qualified specialists of Hong Ngoc General Hospital.

(**) The free examination package only includes examination with pediatricians, excluding other services such as endoscopy, ultrasound, testing,..

All examination will be conducted by experienced and highly-qualified pediatricians of Hong Ngoc General Hospital.

After each time of examination, parents will know more about physical development (height, weight, respiratory function, hearing,…) and mental development of their baby. Moreover, pediatricians also provide them with advices related to diet, common illness, and suitable activities for children in each stage. In addition, parents are reminded the vaccination schedule for vaccines such as hepatitis B, Rota virus, measles – mumps – rubella, chickenpox, …

Let Hong Ngoc Hospital to accompany you on the journey of “finding” and caring your baby.

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